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The Kickstart Scheme allows employers to apply for funding to create new placements for young people who are on Universal Tax Credit and at risk of long term unemployment for 6 months fully funded with an additional £1,500 setup costs per placement.

The Kickstart scheme allows employers to apply directly. However, if you are unable to do this, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has selected certain organizations to represent employers to apply for funding on their behalf. These are called Gateway Representatives. We at Kickstart Partners have been selected as a Kickstart Gateway Representative by the DWP.

97% Of All Role Applications Submitted Have Been Approved

What is a Gateway Representative and why is it important?

Gateway Representatives have been nominated by the DWP as credible organisations with experience in managing partnerships agreements and have a robust financial and governance process to manage applications.  This will safeguard the employer’s funds when they are distributed by the DWP and will give greater confidence that employers will be refunded their grants.

Kickstart Partners as a Gateway Representative will help you complete the application quickly and efficiently giving you more time to get the perfect candidate and help them to help you grow your business.  We will assess and apply for funding on the employer’s behalf, administer the funding and transfer the remaining funds to each employer when we have received them - quickly and efficiently.   Why choose Kickstart Partners Manchester? well as an officially recognised UK Government Gateway Representative, you know that your funds are in safe hands.

You will have access to industry-leading training providers which means your employees will have all of the tools they need to make a difference to your business and improve their future prospects.


Process of Application

1. Register Interest

2. Assess & Apply

3. Acceptance & Funding

4. Identify Employee & Start

5. Claim Funding


6. Continuous Support

How It Works

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